cleaning just got waaaaay easier

1. Fill a water tank with 4 L of hot water.
2. Add a tablet in your water tank.
3. After complete dissolution, the product is ready to be used.
🌿 Compost after use

whatever your preference are, we have what you need for your floors!

🌎 biodegradable formula contributing to environmental preservation

✨ formulated to maintain shiny floors and protect them

💦 effectively eliminates dirt and streaks

your impact

clean, safe, renewable sourced

We attach great importance to the nature and origin of our ingredients. Our formulas are not tested on animals and contain no parabens, sulfates, phthalates or dyes. Allowing you to live a healthy life in a healthy environment.

anatomy of our packaging

our packaging is made of cornstarch, which makes it a compostable package.