we have a duty to be part of the change and this is what we do every day

As a company, we have a mandate to care for the planet too. Our goal is to give back more than we take—to make a positive impact on our customers, our suppliers, and the earth itself.

our impact
bottles saved

Every time you buy a refill, you avoid buying a new plastic bottle. It is through our collective efforts that we are building this change.

kilos of GES avoided

Because we remove the water from our products, they are much lighter. This has the impact of reducing the ecological footprint related to the transportation of this water.

of toxic ingredients removed

Too many cleaning or body products contain ingredients that are toxic for the planet but also for human health. That's why we carefully select our ingredients so that they meet the highest standards.

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dollars of donations

Each year, we donate to several causes that care about the environment. We also offer many products to people in need.

our certifications

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1% for the planet