4 Unusual Ways to Move with Joy and Pleasure

4 Unusual Ways to Move with Joy and Pleasure - MYNI

By TeamNutrition

Moving doesn't have to be complicated or a chore! There is a common misconception that to move "correctly" we have to work out at the gym for a long time or get so out of breath we can't even talk. Fortunately, incorporating movement into our daily routine is more intuitive and enjoyable than we might think. Here are 4 ideas for moving in unusual ways!

Psst: Most of us move regularly without even realizing it!


1- Gardening

When the weather is nice and sunny, gardening is a great way to get moving and have fun. It is often necessary to bend, rake, dig, plant, sweep... These movements, although they often do not correspond to our general idea of physical activity, are quite sufficient to feel its benefits.


2- Having fun in good company

Whether it's walking our dog, playing with our cat or dancing with the kids, moving with good company allows us to integrate more movement into our day in an enjoyable way. So the next time we have friends coming over for dinner or a free afternoon to spend with the family, why not decide to move together!?


3- Daily commuting

Although it may seem trivial at first, our daily commute allows us to integrate movement into our lives without even realizing it. Whether it's taking the stairs, walking to our car, taking public transportation or riding a bike, commuting is also moving! 

Still not convinced? Let's take a look at the recommendations for physical activity. It is currently recommended to move 2.5 hours per week, or about 30 minutes per day. 5 minutes to get a coffee, 10 minutes to catch the bus... Our commute is a great way to integrate useful movement into our daily lives that works into our schedule!


4- Clean up!

Yes, cleaning is a physical activity! After all, who has ever managed to sweep or dust without moving?! Picking up and cleaning our environment has many benefits. Not only does it add movement to our lives, but it also provides us with a healthy and welcoming environment, which is beneficial to our physical and mental health. 

Does cleaning still seem like a little bit like a chore? Here are some tips on how to clean and move with pleasure:

  • Use cleaning products that you like the smell of and that are in line with your values
  • Play music that motivates you to sing at the top of your lungs
  • Dress comfortably to move in a pleasant way


Changing our perception of movement

For some, physical activity or training has a negative connotation, often associated with a chore or an obligation. By replacing these terms with moving or integrating movement into our daily lives, we can get active without feeling guilty! Moving is not about sweating or burning calories, it's more about taking care of ourselves and feeling good.


This article was written by the nutritionists and dietitians of TeamNutrition. Their team offers nutrition counseling online and in over 80 offices across Canada. 

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