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Vegan & Cruelty-free

Refills made in Canada

What people love about Myni products

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I love the versatility of this 3-in-1, it makes it especially good for travelling, and really great for kids too!


Verified customer

I was skeptical when I bought it but the experience was just unbelievable! The clothes came out so clean even with the smelly socks of my kids in the laundry! I am truly amazed that there is a product like this in the market! Truly a great product!


Verified customer

Why is Myni better ?

We care deeply about people's health as well as the planet. That's why we offer affordable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly body care products!

No sulfates, no phtalates & no artificial colorants.

Optimize your luggage with Myni

Pack your refill in your luggage. No water means no issues at customs!

Once you arrive at your destination, prepare your travel-sized bottle by filling it with 3/4 water and approximately 2 tablespoons of Myni's 3-in-1 formula. Or, if the whole family is travelling together, you can share a regular-sized Myni bottle!

Reduce waste