The most eco-friendly hair and body care products in the world are launching in Jean Coutu

The most eco-friendly hair and body care products in the world are launching in Jean Coutu

QUÉBEC CITY, March 2, 2022 -- The world's most eco-friendly hair and body care line is now available at Jean Coutu pharmacies. Say goodbye to conventional products that contain 90% water, because MYNI offers the first complete collection of hair and body care products in the form of powder that can be rehydrated with water. When in contact with water, the powder turns into a gel similar to your favourite product.

Among this range of products, customers can purchase shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and a 3-in-1 product, all in concentrated powder form. The products have been designed to be as effective as major brands, but most importantly, to reduce the impact on the environment and dependence on single-use plastic bottles. The best part? The products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, biodegradable, with compostable packaging, and, most importantly, they reduce CO2 emissions by 90%.

The process of using the products is simple and intuitive. Simply fill a bottle with 350 ml of water, pour the contents of the sachet into the water, close the bottle, and mix. After 6 hours, mix vigorously and the product is ready to use.

MYNI is proud to partner with Jean Coutu to offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional hair and body care products, because together we can do our part to make the world greener and cleaner.

MYNI, the world's most eco-friendly body care collection

The powdered concentrates allow consumers to choose an alternative to conventional products without changing their consumption habits. In fact, the statistics are shocking when it comes to the use of plastic bottles in conventional care:

  • A conventional shampoo bottle contains 90% water.
  • An individual consumes an average of 2,800 personal care bottles in their lifetime.
  • Using traditional bottles emits an average of 1.4 million grams of CO2 per person in their lifetime. This represents a quarter of a trip around the world by car!
  • If the entire North American population used MYNI products, we would save 11 million trips around the world by car in CO2 emissions.

For founder Marie-Hélène David, the conclusion is clear: "The fight against plastic is one of the major environmental challenges of our time [...]. It is high time to move on!" According to the MYNI team, it is no longer just a question of education, but mostly of action.

About MYNI

MYNI's mission is to reduce the environmental impact of single-use conventional products. The concentrates are manufactured without water and plastic, while their ingredients come from natural sources and are non-toxic. Whether for cleaning, hair, or body products, all are zero waste, effective, and safe for families and the planet!



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