the responsible consumer's guide to black friday

the responsible consumer's guide to black friday

Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to save money, but it's also a chance to adopt responsible shopping practices. Here are 8 points to keep in mind for a responsible Black Friday:

plan your shopping list

Start by creating a list of items you need and want to purchase for yourself and/or your loved ones, including prices. This list will be your primary reference and help you avoid impulsive purchases in the face of seemingly tempting deals.

stay informed through newsletters

Sign up for newsletters from companies you appreciate as early as possible. This will help you be among the first to know about special offers and discounts they are offering, enabling you to identify the best deals!

buy local

Support local businesses to contribute to your community and reduce your carbon footprint associated with your purchases. If you have the opportunity to shop in physical stores, that's another option! You'll have the satisfaction of having your products in hand rather than waiting for delivery.

support small businesses

Encourage entrepreneurship, innovation, and diversity by choosing to support small businesses. Your support can have a significant impact on passionate entrepreneurs, often overlooked in favor of multinational corporations.

group your purchases

Consider buying multiple items from the same online source to reduce the number of packages that are to be delivered. This helps decrease your environmental footprint and reduces the use of cardboard and packaging.

give a second life to used items

Before making purchases, take an inventory of items you already have at home. Consider giving a new life to items you no longer want by taking them to second-hand stores. This kind act allows others to enjoy objects you no longer use.

support companies with similar values

Favor companies with ecological certifications, ethical practices, and support for charitable or environmental causes. Your purchases will have a positive impact while aligning with your values. Buying is voting!

consider reusable gift wrappings

Once your purchases are in your hands and you're ready to wrap them, consider using reusable gift wrappings. These can be in the form of fabric wrappings or decorative boxes that can be repurposed in various ways or for future gifts.

empowering change, one purchase at a time

On this Black Friday, remember that your shopping choices have an impact far beyond your cart. By adopting responsible practices, you can contribute to a more sustainable future for yourself, the planet, and the small businesses that need your support. Make Black Friday an opportunity to consume in an informed and responsible manner!

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