Mother's Day, where does it come from?

maman relaxant de bain tout en lisant son livre favori lors de la fête des mères

At Myni, Mother's Day holds a special place. Indeed, Myni's origin is based on providing families with access to products made from safe and naturally sourced ingredients

The origins of Mother's Day

Mother's Day is an annual celebration dedicated to honoring and paying tributes to mothers and motherhood. Celebrated in many countries around the world, the dates may vary by country. Its origins date back to antiquity, but its modern evolution is more recent. 

In antiquity, the Greeks and Romans held ceremonies in honor of Rhea and Cybele, respected mother deities. In 16th century Europe, the fourth Sunay of Lent was traditionally dedicated to mothers. At that time, children often served as servants and agricultural workers were allowed to return home to spend the day with their mother.

Modern Mother's Day has its origins in early 20th century, in the United States. In 1908, Anna Jarvis organized a celebration in Grafton, West Virginia, to honor her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, a community activist who had created Mother's Day Work Clubs to improve health and social conditions for families. 

After her mother's death, Anna Jarvis advocated for a national day honoring mothers. Thanks to her efforts, Mother's Day was officially recognized in the United States in 1914, when President Wilson signed a proclamation declaring the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day.1


An eco-responsible gift in 2024, why not!

young smiling woman offering flowers to her mom for mother's day

The tradition then spread to many countries around the world, although the dates and traditions may vary. In many countries, this day is an opportunity to show love and gratitude toward motherhood by giving a gift. 

At Myni, we choose sustainable gifts for Mother's Day, such as our Cocooning Bubbly set. A set of rechargeable products made from healthy ingredients that will be gentle on your mom and the planet! There are also more conventional gift ideas such as flowers, offering an activity or an experience to one's mother. It is also an opportunity for children to show their appreciation for the maternal figures in their lives, whether it be their own mother, grandmother, stepmother or guardian.


What Myni offers to your mom

myni eco-friendly non toxic cocooning set for gift lifestyle

At Myni, this tradition has a special meaning as it underscores the company's commitment to family health and planet preservation.Therefore, Myni has used science to find alternatives to conventional products. Offering now several household and body care products, the company's mission is to reduce environmental impact of conventional products. By offering safe products made with naturally-sourced ingredients, Myni aims to make a positive contribution to families' lives while preserving our beautiful planet. 

At Myni, mothers are celebrated every day! Did you know Myni was founded not only to support planet preservation but also to offer peace of mind to moms when it comes to daily cleaning? No need to worry about the tons of chemical residues left on the various surfaces of the house that are harmful to both toddlers and adults. Myni is a simple and sustainable solution that reassures mothers in the simple daily tasks. 

It all started the day our founder, Marie-Hélène David, realized that the pipe under her sink had been corroded by the toxic fumes from her cleaning products. She then inquired about the nature of the ingredients found in traditional cleaning products. The finding was clear: most cleaning products are harmful to our families’ health, which is concerning for mothers on a daily basis. 

And you, how do you celebrate your mom on Mother's Day?  





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