MYNI is now certified Plastic Neutral!

MYNI is now certified Plastic Neutral! - MYNI

MYNI has always been committed to the reduction of plastic. It's one of the missions we've taken on, because it's no secret that plastic is harmful to our planet.

In Canada, the numbers speak for themselves:

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Source : Gouvernement du Canada

And guess what, the household and personal care products industry is no exception. The vast majority of products offered in stores are packaged in single-use plastic bottles.

At MYNI, we wanted to do more. So it’s official, MYNI is now certified Plastic Neutral in collaboration with rePurpose Global. It is an organization that takes action in the plastic crisis which currently affects several regions of the world.

Plastic neutral repurpose myni zero plastic no plastic Neela Sapana project

Photos credit: rePurpose Global

Inspired by their mission, we decided to do our part in restoring nature’s balance. We commit to remove as much plastic as used directly or indirectly in our production from nature and ensure it is ethically disposed of. 

As part of the plastic compensation program, we choose to support the Neela Sapana project, located in Chennai, India. Neela Sapana means ‘’Blue Dream’’ and the project was named as such because it aims to restore the ecosystem of Chennai’s coasts devastated by plastic and thus protect the Bay of Bengal and its coastline. 

The project particularly tackles a type of single-use plastic that has small resale value. It’s then regularly discarded in nature. The best way to responsibly dispose of this plastic is through co-processing. This means that the energy is recovered from the plastic and part of the minerals are used for the creation of cement. The rest is disposed of without harmful emissions. It also reduces the use of coal when manufacturing cement.

MYNI is therefore very proud to be associated with this organization and to contribute once again to save our beautiful planet!


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