8 eco-friendly new year's resolution that myni can help you take up this year

8 eco-friendly new year's resolution that myni can help you take up this year

New Year's resolutions have been around for decades now. We love to start the new year with goals we've wanted to achieve for a long time but have yet to tackle. If you want to up your Zero Waste game, you can be more conscious of your shopping habits.

Myni was founded with a mission to reduce the impact of products on the environment and support you on your Zero Waste journey. Here is 8 eco-friendly new year's resolutions that myni can help you with. 

1. reusing your old packaging

Processing your old plastic packaging can release 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide annually. These bottles can even wash into the ocean, killing 1.1 million marine creatures each year. If you want to embark on a Zero Waste journey, reusing your old packaging bottles is an easy habit to get into. With myni, you can reuse your bottles over and over again thanks to our tablets and powder form products.

2. save money by managing your budget

If money is a source of stress, managing your budget better and doing more for your savings should be one of your goals this year. With the recession just around the corner, you should implement habits to manage your money more efficiently without compromising your lifestyle.

Being mindful of your finances can help you better control your future. Budgeting can make you more aware of your spending, keep you from wasteful, impulsive spending, and be much better for the environment. For example, you can opt for a subscription model instead of buying a single product at a time. These models can save you time and money.

At myni, opting for subscriptions can save you 10% on your order, available for all of our products to help you better manage your budget. When you sign up for our subscription, you'll receive recurring deliveries for the duration and frequency you choose. You can also change or cancel your subscription at any time.

For a limited time, save 30% on subscription! The biggest deal we ever made!

3. buy less and better

Every time you buy a new product with plastic packaging, you add 400 more years to the timeline of making our planet plastic-free. So in this new year, look forward to buying sustainable products. With myni, no need to continually buy plastic bottles for your cleaning or hair and body care products. Only purchase what you need. Made with only biodegradable ingredients, myni’s tablets and powder are offered in a compostable packaging.

Discover myni’s new 3 in 1 hair care to help you buy less and reduce your environmental impact. 

myni_hand soap_tablet

4. switching to powdered soaps and shampoos

Although liquid shower gel and shampoo bottles are recyclable, up to 500 million bottles can end up in a landfill annually. Instead of using these bottles, you can switch to powdered soaps and shampoos and reduce your carbon footprint.

Myni offers a range of powdered products for hair care, skincare and even household use. You can easily prepare your product by mixing it with water. This way, you can contribute to your zero-waste goal with a product that is just as effective as your favorite products. 

myni_shampoo_shower gel

5. reduce your carbon footprint

Your carbon footprint negatively impacts the environment. Rising temperatures, melting ice caps, and wildfires result from the increasing carbon footprint. You can reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your use of single-use plastic.

Instead of using plastic bottles to store your products, you can switch to more environmentally friendly materials like bioplastics or even better, wheat straw. We have developed innovative, reusable bottles made from wheat straw, an agricultural waste product. These reusable bottles have a plastic-like appearance and guarantee durability.

6. switch to sustainable beauty products

Switching to brands that offer sustainable products can have a significant impact in the long run. Plus, it's better to choose a brand that cares about the ingredients in its products.

Myni is a zero-waste, sustainable brand that offers body and hair care products made from natural ingredients. None of our products contain harsh or toxic chemicals that can harm the environment.

myni_hair and body care products

7. start composting

A small composting pit in your backyard can be a good start if you want to dispose of your waste organically. Besides food waste, you can also add other biodegradable products to your pit. All products offered by Myni come in eco-friendly, compostable packaging. They're made of cornstarch film, and you can also put these packages in your compost pit.

8. switch to non-toxic cleaning products

Household cleaning products contain many harsh chemicals that can harm our health, water supply and atmosphere. This year, try switching to non-toxic cleaning products that do their job without harming the environment. Myni offers a range of household cleaning products that are eco-friendly and non-toxic to the environment.

myni_home cleaner

Saying Yes to Sustainable Resolutions This New Year

No matter what the media says, climate change is real and happening right before our eyes. The melting glaciers and the increasing number of forest fires are proof of that. Everyone should take a step toward sustainability in the new year. You can do your part to save the planet by choosing your brands and products wisely.

Myni formulates high-quality products that are safe for families and the environment. With our compostable packaging, we aim to reduce the impact of single-use plastic on our planet.


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