degreaser cleaner

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leaping bunny

made in Canada

compostable packaging

odor details

🍋 zest fest : real fest of lemon and mint

🌲 norderland : touch of black spruce found in the northern temperate

🥭 passion punch : sweet grapefruit and mango punch

☀️ summer pop : summer pop odor with a sunny blend of pomegranate and mango

☁️ unscented : simply no odor


Citric acid

This is the product of fermented, vegetable-based raw materials and helps to dislodge dirt, to ensure the tablet dissolves in water and to ensure the product’s pH is slightly acidic.

Sodium benzoate

This is made in the laboratory, but its precursor is found in certain foods such as strawberries or cayenne pepper. It protects the product against microorganisms which could alter its quality.

Potassium sorbate

This is made in the laboratory, but its precursor is found in mountain ash berries. It protects the product against microorganisms which could alter its quality.

Sodium carbonate

This mineral, also known as soda crystals or washing soda, is a filler to ensure that the tablet dissolves in water.

Sodium coco-sulphate

This coconut oil derivative has detergent properties that helps remove grease and dirt.

House scent 

This intoxicating mixture of scents has been carefully developed by our team (not applicable for the scent-free version).

why love me

Helps eliminate 12,000M plastic bottles thrown away each year in North America

Made in Canada

Compostable packaging


Small size: Easy to carry and store

95% reduction in CO2 emissions

No endocrine disruptors

No artificial coloring


how to use

Our goal is to offer you quality products that are affordable and easy to use. We hope you will enjoy using them as much as we do by following these small steps.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Melodie Beaudoin
Nouveau produit

Nous sommes agréablement surpris par les pastilles de lave-vaiselle ! Wow, elle lave tellement et ne laisse aucun depot de savon. Très contente!

Brian Lefebvre

Dégraisser le dessus de la hotte n'a jamais été aussi facile et ça brille !


Il nettoie bien, mais j'aurais aimé qu'il puisse y avoir des choix de fragrances comme les autres produits.

Ancienne bouteille et ancienne odeur

Les ancienne bouteille étaient plus belles. Et les ancienne odeur comme citron et menthe pamplemousse et mangue. Savon à main lime et coriandre. C’est odeur c’est terminé. S’ils vous reste des anciens marchandise allez vous les mettre en vente. Est-ce que ont peut trouvé des produits en magasin.
Merci à vous.

Louis-Andre Fregeau
changement du nom

pourquoi MYNI ?

Pourquoi ne pas avoir gardé le nom Filo ?

Je me pose la question

Bonjour Louis-Andre,

Merci pour cette question, elle est très pertinente!
Nous avons d'ailleurs préparé un article de blogue pour y répondre :

N'hésitez pas à nous écrire à si jamais vous avez d'autres questions.

L'équipe MYNI

questions and answers

How much water is required?

Dissoudre une pastille dans 750 ml d'eau. Dans moins d'eau, le produit sera plus concentré.

What is the life span of the product?

Once dissolved in water, the product lasts as long as a standard cleaning product. However, we recommend using it within 6 months to preserve natural odors.

Should I use hot or cold water?

Both work very well. The hotter the water, the faster the tablet dissolves.

Do I need to use the MYNI bottle to use the product?

No, but you must use a good spray bottle.

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