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How long does the product last?

Once dissolved in water, the product lasts as long as your standard cleaning product. Still, we suggest using it within 6 months to preserve the natural fragrances. If the product is still in its original bag, it can last for several years if the package is stored in a dry place.

How much water do you need?

One tablet dissolves in 500ml of water.

Do I need to use warm or cold water?

Both work very well. The warmer the water, the faster the tablet will dissolve.

Are these products available in stores?

Of course, and we encourage you to support your local businesses. You can find them at these locations.

How am I supposed to use these tablets correctly? 

Start by closing your spray nozzle (set it to OFF). Place a tablet into a bottle filled with 500ml of water. Then wait for the tablet to dissolve completely. Once you are ready to use the product, set the spray nozzle to ON. Each time you clean, lightly shake the bottle to make sure the concentrate is equally distributed throughout the entire bottle. Finished your first tablet? Congratulations! You just saved a plastic bottle from being thrown out! Now it’s a good idea to rinse it out before adding your second tablet.

Does the bottle need to be completely empty before adding a second tablet?

We recommend emptying the bottle before adding a new tablet, this will ensure the concentrations within your bottle are as intended.

Do I have to shake the bottle to dissolve the tablet?

The tablet normally dissolves in a few minutes. If the tablet doesn’t dissolve completely or if the product does not appear to be mixed all the way, you can lightly shake the bottle. Make sure the spray nozzle is closed (set to OFF) before shaking.

Can I use any bottle I have lying around at home?

Certainly! The process is the same as if you were using our bottles. Just make sure to add the correct amount of water (500 ml) to ensure the tablet completely dissolves.

Does your window product work as well as the famous blue colored brand?

Ultimately yes! However, we use natural products in our formula, unlike the more famous blue colored brand. Since our tablets don’t contain alcohol, the water may sometimes take a little longer to evaporate. This is why we suggest washing your windows and mirrors with a microfiber towel and then immediately wiping it with a dry cloth. With one of our formula processes, you can polish the cleaning area with a shiny finish.

What ingredients do you use in your products?

You can find ingredients on each product pages.

Do you test your products on animals?

Of course not! Animals are our friends. Our products are vegan.

Why don’t you use essential oils in your products?

Some essential oils can be harmful to pregnant women or more vulnerable persons. This is why we prefer to use natural fragrances.

Where are your products made?

We make our products in Quebec City, Canada.

I would like to sell your products in my store. Who should I contact?

You can write us an email at hello@myni.ca. It was a pleasure answering your questions

Can I use your bottles if I am gluten intolerant?

For the moment, only few studies have been done on wheat straw and people with gluten intolerance. However, based on the information currently available, it appears that the use of wheat straw bottles poses a minimal risk in using wheat straw bottles because of the following information:

  • In the case of an intolerance, such as celiac disease, it affects the digestive system. Therefore, the product must be ingested to pose a health risk.
  • MYNI cleaning products are obviously not edible.

Please note that we cannot confirm that it is safe to use the wheat straw cleaning and hand soap bottles if you have a gluten intolerance. If you would like more information and to know more about the potential risks, we recommend that you contact a health professional or a specialized organization, such as Coeliaque Québec.



How can I track my order?

Upon shipment, you will receive an email confirming the delivery. If you’ve only ordered cleaning tablets, you may not be able to track these since we use stamps. Otherwise, you will receive a tracking number via your email to track your shipment.

Who is your carrier? 

Most of the time we work with Canada Post, but depending on your order and location, it could be Purolator, Loomis, Canpar or Fedex.

I haven’t received an order confirmation email. 

It may have ended up in your spam box. If you still cannot find your confirmation, please let us know. You can write to us at hello@myni.ca, we will do everything we can to help!