giveaway_natural shampoo
  • 2 x 1 year of MYNI body care products - value of $330
  • 4 x hair and body care starter kit - value $92
  • 4 x 3 in 1 hair and body care starter kit - value $40
giveaway_natural shampoo

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this is not only a shampoo

this is the most sustainable hair and body care collection

how it works

Fill a bottle with 350 ml of water.

Pour the contents over the water.

Close the bottle and mix.

After at least 6 hours, mix vigourously.

safe ingredients for you and the planet

Sulfate free, Dye free, Paraben free, Without known carcinogen, Without endocrine disruptors…  Only good stuff!

EcoWash™  technology

A formula that cleans deeply and gently with our EcoWash™ technology 

lightweight formula

Ideal for carrying your personal care products when traveling, because the products are as small as a cell phone and as light as a pair of headphones. 

find the perfect scent

tea time

White tea and pear blend. Sweet and refreshing.

oh my peach!

Combination of magnolia and peach. Fruity and revitalizing scent.

wild and free

A perfect balance between floral notes and a touch of citrus. Refreshing and spicy.


Because there are times when you don't want to smell anything 😄 

why it's so good?

4 different bottle colors

Our bottle are made of wheat straw
This means that we have transformed the residues of the wheat industry into a resistant and biodegradable bioplastic. These bottles will naturally biodegrade at the end of their lives.

launch on October 4

We chose to launch this collection on Kickstarter.Kickstarter is driven by creators (us) and backers (you ❤️) . Creators present creative project ideas, and backers fund those projects.When enough backers have funded the project, the creator can develop and produce their vision. 

- your MYNI team

Pssst, the first customers will get a huge discount!