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made in Canada

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Helps eliminate 12,000M plastic bottles thrown away each year in North America

Made in Canada


Customer Reviews

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Great Cleaner

Love this bathroom cleaner, does a great job and doesn’t hurt the environment, would highly recommend

Ferial Abou-Arab
Not great

I was truly hoping I would fall in love with this product and be okay with tossing my chemical cleaners. However, they don’t compare in the slightest bit. Unfortunately, I did not find the MYNI bathroom cleaner to be half as good. Doesn’t remove bathroom grime and surface dirt as easily and quickly as I had seen advertised and my cleaning took longer with MYNI because I couldn’t “easily” clean. I went back to my regular product by.

I also purchased their hand soap- this was the most upsetting one to work with. It doesn’t foam while you scrub your hand. The foam literally disappears. The easiest way to describe it is like a foam hand sanitizer - it just melts and disappears. I found myself pumping more soap than I should just to feel the slightest bit clean.

It was the same feeling about the “all purpose cleaner”. It wouldn’t remove the stick from honey and I had to scrub so hard just to do this. I’m upset I bought so much in bulk and won’t be using any of it.

Julie-Anne Gaudreau


Not strong enough

I would have to use this product everyday to maintain a clean shower. It doesn’t touch the soap scum residue if left I cleaned daily. I was certainly hoping it would do the job.

Anne Berkley

I’m so happy with all the MYNI products I ordered. They clean really well without any residue leaving my bathroom and kitchen smelling fresh without a chemical smell. I love the light fragrance of the hand soap. The bamboo containers are sturdy and bigger than I expected which means a tablet goes further. It all makes so much sense environmentally. I’m so happy I discovered your products. Love that you’re Canadian too!

questions and answers

Why use wheat straw?

It is a biodegradable bioplastic at the end of its life.

How long does the bottle take to biodegrade?

6 to 9 months in an industrial compost.

What is the life span of the bottle?

There is no time limit!

Can I use your bottles if I am gluten intolerant?

For the moment, only few studies have been done on wheat straw and people with gluten intolerance. However, based on the information currently available, it appears that the use of wheat straw bottles poses a minimal risk. In the case of an intolerance, such as celiac disease, it affects the digestive system. Therefore, the product must be ingested to pose a health risk. MYNI cleaning products are obviously not edible.

Please note that we cannot confirm there's no risk to use the wheat straw cleaning bottles and hand soap bottles if you have a gluten intolerance. If you would like more information and to know more about the potential risks, we recommend that you contact a health professional or a specialized organization, such as Coeliaque Québec.

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