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dragons set 🔥

why love me

biodegradable in 9 months

no plastic

renewable raw material 

how to use

Step 1: Fill a bottle with 350 ml of water.

Step 2: Pour the contents over the water.

Step 3: Close the bottle and mix.

Step 4: After at least 6 hours, mix vigorously.

Customer Reviews

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Really like the product but....

So far I like the product and I think it works but it doesnt have much of a smell, not sure if it was just the scent i chose or if they are all like this, but i feel like im cleaning with water and not cleaner. Also not sure if its just my brain thats conditioned to need a powerful chemical smell to know when a cleaner is affective. I'd love to see the science behind the product that shows it works in comparison to the "big" brands.

Julie Gervais
Love it

This product is amazing, love it!!

Guillaume Seguin
Produits d'une grande qualité

J'ai été agréablement surpris des produits. Les savons à main mousse très bien et sentent merveilleusement bons!

Lily Lok
all purpose

Amazing product. Smells great, non toxic and does a great job at cleaning. I’m hooked

Ariane Morrier

all-purpose cleaner

questions and answers

How much water is required?

For cleaning products, dissolve one tablet in 750 ml of water and for hand soaps, in 500 ml of water. In less water, the product will be more concentrated.

How long does the product last?

Once dissolved in water, the product lasts as long as a standard cleaning product. However, we recommend using it within 6 months to preserve the natural scents.

Should I use hot or cold water?

Both work very well. The hotter the water, the faster the tablet dissolves.

Do we need the MYNI bottle to use the product?

No, but we recommend using a foaming bottle for hand soap.