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Karlène Monast
Savon à main!

La pompe à savon à main moussante fonctionne super bien! Nous avons essayer 3 modèles de pompe avant celle-ci et c'est la seule qui a survécu!

Not bad but not super impressed

Giving it a 3/5 because I love the idea behind the product. I’ve been using the products for a couple weeks now. The bottles are okay.. I did have trouble threading one of the sprayers on. Packaging was super nice upon opening.
Passion Punch All-Purpose Cleaner - my favourite of the items I received. It smells lovely. I’ve used it on multiple services and it seems to work well however I was unable to find information on what types and how much bacteria it kills…along with all the products actually.
Northern Land Glass Cleaner - Scent is okay. I was left with some streaks/fogginess on my mirrors so I’m not loving it…
Zest Fest Bathroom Cleaner - Scent is okay. Seems to work well… again how much am I actually disinfecting?
Hand Soap - my absolute least favourite of the Home and Body Starter set. I think the soap was citrus something. Very much dislike the scent. I don’t feel like my hands are super clean after using it. And again is it anti-bacterial/disinfecting… especially would like to know if I’m using in the kitchen and have prepared/cooked meat.
So overall, I really want to love this product. Maybe I am bit biased and too used to “traditional toxic” cleaning products… I will continue to use Myni for a little bit longer to see if my opinion changes but I can’t say I’ll be purchasing refills just yet.

Alex W
Works Flawlessly

Great that it fits the tablets plus water perfectly. The foam is a great consistency. Wipes down well.

Sylvie Leger
Surprise de la qualité des produits

J'ai utilisé le nettoyant pour l'acier inoxydable, ça brille. J'ai aussi utilisé le nettoyant pour cuvette, le résultat est très bon.
Seul bémol, j'ai trouvé que les bouchons pulvérisateurs étaient difficiles à serrer, peut-être un lot isolé.

Marylene Ruel
Nettoyant Vitre et miroir

Mes miroirs n’ont jamais été aussi propres ! J’adore le produit